Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Akakhe Botahe : Assamese video from Apsara

Title: Akakhe Botahe Tumake dekhisu
Album : Apsara (Assamese)

The video:


sono said...

Apsara Assamese Album The Song Akakhe Botahe : Mr. Simanta Shekar Assamese singer,But it not his songs. This songs music copy from Kannada Movie Mussanjemaatu [2008], Title: Aakasha Bhoomi, Singer - Sherya Ghoshal. If you are want to download the original songs then go to this site

From : M Sonowal, Guwahati.

vdo master said...

@M Sonowal, thanks for the update. I just listen to 'Aakasha Bhoomi' and yes your information is true. Thanks again. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

how to get lyrics of akakhe botahe?

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